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About Pakachi Beach Hotel

Welcome to Pakachi Beach Resort near Jambiani, Zanzibar. We are a small hotel with just 9 accommodations, restaurant and bar resting on the most beautiful white sandy beach beside the blue turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean – The Telegraph ranked it among the world's best unspoilt beaches in November 2015.

Zanzibar is a beautiful tropical island that has a rich history full of legend, mystery and exotic beauty. We wish to preserve this for generations to come, therefore our philosophy is to provide our guests with good hospitality in a tranquil location and combine this with being environmentally sustainable in unique ways.

If you are looking for fast food, rooms with cable tv, high tec a/c, bathrooms with a bidet and vast range of toiletries then our hotel is not for you and do not read further! We have bush tv, natural ventilation and our soap is made from seaweed. If this interests you then please explore our website further.


Enjoy some pictures of our resort to get an impression of what you can expect from your stay at Pakachi Beach. Please click on any image for additional information.


We have three typical wooden Zanzibari style lodgings called "bandas" located directly at the beach and 6 concrete buildings in a tropical garden that comprise our family houses and standard rooms.

Each room is provided with bath towels, a fan and mosquito net. All bathrooms are equipped with a salty water shower, soap made from seaweed and bottled water for dental care.

Restaurant & bar

Our Chef prepares the best local and international dishes with passion. Our menu changes daily using the freshest local produce. We serve a selection of beers, wine and cocktails as well as alcohol-free beverages during breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Our rich, free breakfast includes fresh fruit, fried eggs, omelette, or pancakes, juice, tea and coffee.

Ecological responsibility

Water project

At Pakachi we are the island leaders in showing innovative solutions to the problems of plastic bottle recycling. You may have seen the construction of our storeroom and reception using the plastic bottles.

What you may not have seen is the two 10,000 ltr water tanks, that were built using this method, in a village called Mwera on the outskirts of Stonetown. These two water tanks provide a community of 600 people with freshwater, prior to this their supply was very erratic. Also, this community receives very little benefit from the tourist sector. The Mwera project was financed and directed by Pakachi Beach Resort.

Salt water

Zanzibar is a tropical island with only a finite supply of freshwater. Sometimes in the village there is no fresh water available for the local people, this is largely due to the high demand of the tourist hotels, particularly during the peak seasons.

It is not uncommon for there to be no drinking water available to local people, yet some of the hotel swimming pools are full of freshwater! As a company we do not feel that this is the right choice and as part of our environmental policy we made the conscious decision to dig a well and pump the tidal water into a tank thus minimising our impact on the villagers access to freshwater and preventing any conflict with them. The salinity of our bathroom water is 0.69% whereas seawater is 3.5%.

Complimentary bottled drinking water is provided for each guest on a daily basis for mouth washing and cleaning of teeth. In Africa "Fresh" water available through the taps is not up to Western standards and by providing bottled water this allows you, our guest, to not be worried about any unpleasant bugs in your system.

Our environmental policy

Recycling is minimal on the island and its resources are limited so our main goals are:

We aim to help and support the local community through our own environmental initiatives, these include paying a local womens group from the village to collect empty plastic bottles and fill them with dirt or sand which are then used to build any new structures at our hotel. We also have a proven track record of supporting social environmental projects on the island.
We are committed to the training and education of our employees.
We are committed to working with Government agencies and departments, and sourcing our produce locally.
We must be aware about the selection of materials and products used in our resort. Wherever possible, materials must be eco-friendly, such as being bio-degradable and non-harmful to the environment.
Guest enlightenment
Awareness of the issues facing the island be made available to the guests and how they can help reduce their impact on the environment. Things such as asking guests that smoke to use the ashtrays instead of the sand or beach – cigarette butts can be toxic to marine life – taking any used batteries, deodorant cans and plastics back to their own country where they can be responsibly recycled.
Waste separation
Glass bottles are used in foundations, plastic bottles are used for building, vegetable matter is composted.
Energy saving
Energy saving light bulbs are used in the resort and staff lodgings.
Clean beach
The beach is cleaned every day to make sure it is free from rubbish.


Pakachi Beach is open year round. High season is from June till September and from December till February. Peak season is from 15th of December until 6th of January.

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Pakachi Beach Hotel
Jambiani, Zanzibar, Tanzania